Stephen M. Pentecost

I'm the Senior Digital Humanities Specialist at Washington University in St. Louis, where I develop software applications, administer servers, manage data, and mentor student fellows, all in support of faculty research projects in the humanities.

My skill set includes the full LAMP stack and its accompanying browser toolset, although I prefer python to php. I can develop in Java when necessary. Applications I've developed include custom web-based user interfaces, dynamic data visualizations, text mining processes, and front and back end processes for relational and nosql data stores.

I was educated at St. Louis Community College, Forest Park (A.A.S.); University of Missouri St Louis (B.A.); and Washington University in St. Louis (M.A.). Before I rejoined Washington University, I was employed at Edward Jones, General American Life Insurance Company, and United Van Lines.

Browne's Garden Commonplace Book

A prototype for a project centered on Sir Thomas Browne's The Garden of Cyrus, completed as a part of nanogenmo 2015.

The Mutable Stanzas

A generator of Spenserian stanzas randomly reconstituted from Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene, combined with images from Walter Crane's illustrations to an 1895-97 edition of Spenser's epic.

Missouri Political Donations > $5,000

A network graph of Missouri Political Donations > $5,000.


A p5.js kaleidoscope which uses images by Walter Crane as the basis for its . . . kaleidoscope-ing.

Linoleum Blocks

Python scripts for producing artistic image transformations